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Scottish Events in North America

The following web sites are divided into two groups.  The first section contains sources for other lists of the Scottish events held in North America on a regular basis.  The second section is a list of web sites for specific events grouped by Month and alphabetized by the event's name.  Those listed are in the United States unless otherwise indicated.  The state or province is listed but not the exact location since this sometimes changes from year to year.   Dates, too, are subject to change but most of these are annual events which have a formula for determining the event's date, like "third weekend," so they occur roughly the same time each year. The event's web site generally has the location and exact date on the opening page.

There are many hundreds of Scottish events held in North America each year, so this is not an exhaustive list but rather a list of some of the better publicized events with web sites.  Events without working web sites are not on this list.  Some of these events may be only minutes away from your front door!

Hint: Use your browser's Find function to search for the state or province you're interested in.  (Ctrl-F on most browsers)

Annual Events with Web Sites In North America

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