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Scottish Pipe Bands and Organizations
Every now and then we're asked if we know a piper or a band to play at wedding, funeral, or another event.  Some just want to hear a band play at a public event.  This list has been constructed to help with those questions.  Bands and organizations are located in the United States unless otherwise indicated and some will travel for events and competitions.  Yes, we included some of the bands of our Irish cousins, too.  The list is alphabetical by name but the state, province, or country of the organization is spelled out and parenthetically included with each name if it is not already part of the band or organization's name.  Unless otherwise indicated, the band or organization is based in the United States.  To find a band or organization in a particular locale, use your browser's Find capabilities.  These are usually found on either your browser's toolbar or by invoking the Ctrl-F key combination.  (Hint: You only need to put a unique portion of the name in the browser's find dialog to find the name.)

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Piper Organizations, Pipe Band Organizations and Governing Bodies
Alberta Society of Pipers and Drummers (Canada)
Alliance of North American Pipe Band Associations
Atlantic Canada Pipe Band Association
British Columbia Pipers Association (Canada)
Eastern United States Pipe Band Association
Midwest Pipe Band Association (USA)
North American Academy of Piping and Drumming
Pipers and Pipe Band Association of Ontario (Canada)
Prairie Pipe Band Association of Manitoba (Canada)
Royal Scottish Pipe Band Association (Scotland)
Saskatchewan Pipe Band Association (Canada)
Scottish Pipe Band Association of South America
Southern United States Pipe Band Association)
Western United States Pipe Band Association
Pipe Bands - Over 600 worldwide listed
1st Bohemian Highland Pipers (Czech Republic)
1st Regiment Royal Canadian Horse Artillery Pipes and Drums (Manitoba, Canada)
1st Sauerland Pipes and Drums (Germany)
2nd Battalion Royal Canadian Regiment Pipes & Drums (New Brunswick, Canada)
306 Maple Leaf Wing Pipes & Drums (Quebec, Canada)
33rd Halifax Pipes & Drums (Nova Scotia, Canada)
400 Tactical Helicopter Squadron Pipes & Drums (Ontario, Canada)
402 "City of Winnipeg" Squadron Pipes and Drums (Manitoba, Canada)
413 Regional Cadet Unit Pipes & Drums (Australia)
42nd Highlanders Regimental Pipes and Drums (California)
42nd Royal Highlanders (Indiana)
47th Culter & District Pipe Bands (Scotland)
48th Highlanders of Canada Pipes & Drums (Ontario, Canada)
48th Highlanders of Holland (Netherlands)
570 Halifax Pipes & Drums (Alberta, Canada)
5th/6th Battalion Royal Victoria Regiment Pipes and Drums (Australia)
78th Fraser Highlanders, Halifax Citadel (Nova Scotia, Canada)
87th Cleveland Pipe Band (Ohio)
96th Highlanders Pipes and Drums of the Jamestown Police (New York)
Adirondack Pipes & Drums (New York)
Air Force Reserve Command Pipe Band (Georgia)
Akron & District Pipe Band (Ohio)
Alabama Pipes and Drums
Albany Police Pipes & Drums (New York)
Albeni Falls Pipes & Drums of North Idaho
Alberta Caledonia Pipe Band (Canada)
American Celtic Pipe Band (New York)
Ampleforth Pipe Band (England)
Anah Highlanders Pipes & Drums (Maine)
ANAVETS Unit #283 Pipe Band (Manitoba, Canada)
Anchorage Scottish Pipe Band (Alaska)
Anderson Pipe Band - Tulsa (Oklahoma)
Andes Highlanders Pipe Band (Chile)
Angus Scott Pipe Band (Washington)
Ann Arbor Pipes and Drums (Michigan)
Arboath Pipes & Drums (Oklahoma)
Arizona Highlanders Pipe Band
Atholl Highlanders Pipes & Drums USA (Georgia)
Atlanta Pipe Band (Georgia)
Atlantic Region Cadets Pipes & Drums (Nova Scotia, Canada)
Atlantic Watch Pipes & Drums (New Jersey)
Auckland Police Highland Pipe Band (New Zealand)
Bagad Brieg (Brittany, France)
Bagad Cap Caval (Brittany, France)
Bagpipes & Drums of the Emeralds Society of Chicago (Illinois)
Ballut Abyad Shrine Pipe Band (New Mexico)
Balmoral Highlanders (Pennsylvania)
Balmoral Highlanders (Scotland)
Banda de Gaitas del Batallon de San Patricio (Mexico)
Bangkok Thistle Pipe Band (Thailand)
Bankstown R&SL Pipe & Drums (Australia)
Batavorum Pipes and Drums (Netherlands)
Baul Muluy Pipes & Drums (Germany)
Beatrix Pipe Band (Netherlands)
Bellingham Pipe Band (Washington)
Bergen County Firefighters Pipes & Drums (New Jersey)
Bergen Irish Pipe Band (New Jersey)
Berlin Pipe Company Scottish Pipes & Drums (Germany)
Billings Caledonian Pipes & Drums (Montana)
Billy Mitchell Scottish Pipe Band (Wisconsin)
Black Bear Caledonia Pipe Band
Black Bexar Pipe Band (Texas)
Black Thistle Caledonian Pipe Band (Florida) 
Black Watch Association Pipes & Drums (Nova Scotia, Canada)
Black Watch of Canada Regiment Pipes & Drums (Quebec, Canada)
Black Watch Royal Highland Regiment of Canada Pipes & Drums  (Quebec, Canada)
Blue Mountains Pipe Band (Australia)
Boghall and Bathgate Caledonia Pipe Band (Scotland)
Boise Highlanders Pipe Band (Idaho)
Boone County Fire Prevention District Pipes & Drums (Missouri)
Border Highlander Drums & Pipes (Idaho)
Boroughs Fire Brigade Pipes & Drums (Massachusetts)
Boston Gaelic Fire Brigade (Massachusetts)
Boston Police Gaelic Column of Pipes & Drums (Massachusetts)
Braemar Pipe Band (Ontario, Canada)
Brantford Pipes & Drums (Ontario, Canada)
Brantford Pipes & Drums (Ontario, Canada)
Brian Boru Irish Pipe Band (Minnesota)
Brian Boru Pipe Band (Massachusetts)
Broome County Celtic Pipes & Drums (New York)
Bucksburn & District Pipe Band (Scotland)
Burns Club Pipe Band (Australia)
Calbar Feidh Pipe Band (California)
Caledonian Pipes of Baton Rouge (Louisiana)
Calgary Police Service Pipe Band (Alberta, Canada)
Camden County Emerald Society Pipes & Drums (New Jersey)
Cameron Highlanders of Ottawa (Ontario, Canada)
Cameron Highlanders Pipe Band (California)
Cameron Highlanders Pipe Band (Pennsylvania)
Campbell Highlanders (Massachusetts)
Canadian Scottish Regiment (Princess Mary's) Pipes and Drums (British Columbia, Canada)
Canberra City Pipes and Drums (Australia)
Canterbury Caledonian Society Highland Pipe Band (New Zealand)
Cape Town Highlanders (South Africa)
Cape-Atlantic Police and Fire Irish Pipe Brigade (New Jersey)
Capital City Highlanders (Texas)
Capital City Pipes Drums and Dancers (Ohio)
Capital Region Celtic Pipe Band (New York)
Carnegie Mellon Pipes and Drums (Pennsylvania)
Catamount Pipe Band (Vermont)
Cavanaleck Pipe Band (Northern Ireland)
Caverhill Guardians Pipes & Drums (Germany)
Cedar Hills Caledonian Pipe Band (British Columbia)
Celtic Cross Pipe Band (Virginia)
Celtic Cross Pipes & Drums (Illinois)
Celtic Cross Pipes and Drums of Danbury (Connecticut)
Celtic Dragon Pipe Band (Montana)
Celtic Flame Pipe Band (Ohio)
Celtic Nations Pipe Band (Wisconsin)
Celtic Pipes & Drums of Hawaii
Celtic Pipes and Drums (Michigan)
Celtic Spirit Pipe Band (New York)
Celtic United Pipes & Drums (Pennsylvania)
Centennial State Pipes & Drums (Colorado)
Central Coast Pipe and Drum Band (California)
Ceol Meamh Pipe Band (Pennsylvania)
Chelsea Fire Pipes and Drums (Massachusetts)
Chesapeake Caledonian Pipe Band (Maryland)
Chicago & District Pipe Band (Illinois)
Chicago Caledonian Pipes and Drums (Illinois)
Chicago Stock Yard Kilty Band (Illinois)
Cincinnati Caledonian Pipes and Drums (Ohio)
Citadel Pipes and Drums (South Carolina)
City of Adelaide Pipes Band (Australia)
City of Alexandria Pipes & Drums (Virginia)
City of Amsterdam Pipe Band (Netherlands)
City of Baden-Baden Ppes and Drums (Germany)
City of Basle Caledonia Pipe Band (Switzerland)
City of Blacktown Pipe Band (Australia)
City of Boise Police Pipes and Drums (Idaho)
City of Bristol Pipes and Drums (England)
City of Brockville Pipe Band (Ontario, Canada)
City of Casey Pipe Band (Australia)
City of Charleston Police Pipes & Drums (South Carolina)
City of Chattanooga Pipe Band (Georgia & Tennessee)
City of Denver Pipe Band (Colorado)
City of Dunedin Pipe Band (Florida)
City of Exeter Pipe Band (England)
City of Invercargill Caledonian Pipe Band (New Zealand)
City of Leeds Pipe Band (England)
City of Madison Pipe and Drums (Wisconsin)
City of Melbourne Pipe Band (Florida)
City of Plymouth Pipe Band (England)
City of Regina Pipe Band (Saskatchewan, Canada)
City of Rockford Pipe Band (Illinois)
City of Rome Pipe Band (Italy)
City of Sacramento Pipe Band (California)
City of Thorold Pipe Band (Ontario, Canada)
City of Tulsa Pipes and Drums (Oklahoma)
City of Washington Pipe Band (Maryland)
City of Wellington Pipe Band (New Zealand)
City of Winchester Pipes and Drums (Virginia)
City of York Pipe Band (England)
Clan Donald Pipes and Drums (Wisconsin)
Clan Gordon Highlanders Pipe Band (New York)
Clan Gregor Pipe Band (Scotland)
Clan MacAlpine Bagpipe Band (Illinois)
Clan Macbeth Pipe Band (Netherlands)
Clan MacNaughton Pipe Band (Alberta, Canada)
Clan MacPherson Pipes & Drums (Massachusetts)
Clan Ross Pipe Band (Connecticut)
Clansman Pipe Band (British Columbia, Canada)
Claymore Pipes and Drums (Italy)
Clayton R.S.R. Pipe Band (Australia)
Cleveland Firefighters Memorial Pipes and Drums (Ohio)
Clonoe Pipe Band (Northern Ireland)
Codiac RCMP Pipe Band (New Brunswick, Canada)
Coldstream Pipe Band (Scotland)
College of Wooster Scot Marching Band (Ohio)
Cologne Caledonian Pipe Band (Germany)
Colorado Emerald Society Pipes and Drums
Colorado Isle of Mull Pipes and Drums
Colorado Skye Pipes & Drums
Colorado Youth Pipe Band
Colum Cille Pipes & Drums of Cape Cod Bay (Massachusetts)
Comox Valley Pipe Band Society (British Columbia)
Connecticut Fire Fighters Pipes & Drums
Coriovallum Pipe Band (Netherlands)
Cornwall Caledonian Pipe & Drum Band (England)
County Cork Pipe Band (New York)
County Tyrone Pipe Band (New York)
Cran Tara Pipes & Drums of Boston (Massachusetts)
Crest of Gordon Pipe Band (Germany)
Crow Creek Pipes & Drums (Alaska)
CuChullain Pipe Band (New Jersey)
Cullybackey Pipe Band *Northern Ireland)
D Company - Buffalo City Guard Gordon Highlanders (New York)
Dalewool Auckland & District Pipe Band (New Zealand)
Dalhousie Pipe Band (Switzerland)
Dalriada Pipe Band (New Jersey)
Dartmouth & District Pipe Band (Nova Scotia, Canada)
Deep River Pipes & Drums (North Carolina)
Delta Police Pipe Band (British Columbia)
District of Columbia Fire Department Emerald Society Pipes & Drums
Drambuie Kirkliston Pipe Band (Scotland)
Dresden Pipes & Drums (Germany)
Drones & Sticks Pipe Band (New Zealand)
Drumnadrochit Piping (Belgium)
Drums & Pipes Dreiborn (German)
Dubai Pipe Band (Dubai)
Dudeldorf Lion Pipes & Drums (Germany)
Dumfries and Galloway Constabulary Pipe Band (Scotland)
Duncan McCall Pipe Band (Florida)
Dundas Pipes and Drums (Ontario)
Dunlap Highland Band (Maine)
Dunvegan Girls Pipes and Drums (Nova Scotia, Canada)
East Hills Scout Pipes & Drums (Australia)
East Kilbride Pipe Band (Scotland)
Eastbourn Scottish Pipe Band (England)
Eastern Long Island Police Pipes & Drums (New York)
Edinboro University Pipe Band (Pennsylvania)
Edinburgh Postal Pipe Band & Dancers (Scotland)
Edmonton & District Pipe Band (Alberta, Canada)
Ehinger Pipes & Drums (Germany)
Elgin and District Pipes and Drums (Quebec, Canada)
Emerald Pipe Band (Ireland)
Emerald Society Firefighters of Washington (District of Columbia)
Emerald Society of Indiana
Empyre Pipes and Drums (Texas)
Eugene Highlanders Pipe Band (Oregon)
Fairbanks Red Hackle Pipe Band (Alaska)
Fanø Pipes and Drums (Denmark)
Father of Waters Pipes and Drums (Mississippi)
Feadan Or Pipe Band (New York)
Field Marshal Montgomery Pipe Band (Northern Ireland)
Fire Brigade Pipes & Drums (Maryland)
Firefighters of Tampa Pipes & Drums (Florida)
First Highland Watch of Pennsylvania
Fort Colins Pipe Band (Colorado)
Fort Lauderdale Highlanders (Florida)
Fort Vancouver Pipe Band (Washington)
Fountain Trust Pipe Band (Indiana)
Fredericton Society of St. Andrew Pipe Band (New Brunswick, Canada)
Gallowglass Pipers (Tennessee)
Garrett Highlands Pipes and Drums (Maryland)
Gdansk Pipe Band (Poland)
Geauga Highlanders Pipes & Drums (Ohio)
Ghent District Highlanders (Belgium)
Glaronia Pipes and Drums (Switzerland)
Glasgow Pipes and Drums (Scotland)
Glen Erin Pipe Band (Michigan)
Glendale Police Pipes and Drums (Arizona)
Glengarry Pipe Band (Ontario, Canada)
Gold Coast Pipe Band (California)
Gordon Highlanders Buffalo City Guard 'D Company' (New York)
Gordon Pipers (Indianapolis)
Gordon Pipes and Drums of Smith Falls (Ontario, Canada)
Graham Lowlanders Pipes & Drums (Netherlands)
Grampian Police Pipe Band (Scotland)
Grand Rapids & District Pipe Band (Michigan)
Grandfather Mountain Highlanders Pipe Band (North Carolina)
Greater Pittsburgh Police Emerald Society Pipes & Drums (Pennsylvania)
Greater Richmond Pipes & Drums (Virginia)
Greater Scranton Black Diamonds Pipe Band (Pennsylvania)
Greater St. Louis Area Firefighters Highland Guard (Missouri)
Greater Trenton Pipes & Drums (New Jersey)
Greater Victoria Police Pipe Band (British Columbia, Canada)
Guard Pipes and Drums (New Jersey)
Guilford & Glencoe District Juvenile Pipe Band (Maryland)
Hague Highland Pipe Band (Netherlands)
Hamilton Caledonian Society Pipe Band (New Zealand)
Hamilton County Sheriff Pipe & Drum (Ohio)
Harpenden Pipe Band (England)
Hawick Pipe Band (Scotland)
Hawkesbury City Pipe Band (Australia)
Heart of Georgia Pipes and Drums (Georgia)
Heather Pipes and Drums of Copenhagen (Denmark)
Helsinki Pipes and Drums (Finland)
Heritage Pipes & Drums (Alabama)
Herivvarda District Pipes and Drums (Netherlands)
High Desert Pipes & Drums (New Mexico)
Highland Dragon Pipe Band (Germany)
Highland Mist Pipe Band (Ontario, Canada)
Highland Pipes and Drums of Waldsee (Germany)
Highland Thistle Pipe Band (Argentina)
Highland Valley Pipes & Drums (Netherlands)
Highlanders of Oklahoma City (Oklahoma)
Highlands Pipes and Drums (NSW, Australia)
Hohenlohe Highlanders (Germany)
Hong Kong Pipe Band (Hong Kong)
Hornsby Royal Scottish Legion Pipe Band (Australia)
House of Edgar Shotts & Dykehead Pipe Band (Scotland)
Howard Memorial Pipe Band (Northern Ireland)
Hudson Valley Regional Police Pipes & Drums (New York)
Indiana Caledonia Pipe Band (Indiana)
Indianapolis 500 Gordon Pipers (Indiana)
Indianapolis Firefighter's Emerald Society Pipe Band (Indiana)
Iner'an Pipe Band (Missouri)
Ingersoll Pipe Band (Ontario, Canada)
Inis Fada Gaelic Pipe Band (New York)
Inverurie Pipe Band (Scotland)
Iowa Scottish Pipes & Drums
Irish Air Corps Pipe Band (Ireland)
Irish American Club "East Side" Pipes & Drums (Ohio)
Irish American Police Officer's Association Pipe Band (Massachusetts)
Irish Heritage Pipe Band (California)
Irish Heritage Pipe Band (Ohio)
Irish Thunder Pipes & Drums (Pennsylvania)
Irvine & District Pipe Band (Ayrshire, Scotland)
Islay Pipe Band (Scotland)
Israel Pipe Band (Israel)
Israel Pipes & Drums (Israel)
Jackson's Pipe Band (Malta)
Jacksonville Pipes & Drums (Florida)
John F. Nicoll Pipe Band (Maryland)
John Ford Highland Pipe Band (Missouri)
John Mohr MacKintosh Pipes & Drums (Georgia)
Kansas City Saint Andrews Pipes and Drums (Kansas)
Kells Irish Pipes & Drums (Oregon)
Kenosha Area Pipes and Drums Association (Wisconsin)
Kentucky United Pipe Band
Killadeas Pipe Band (Northern Ireland)
Kimberley Pipe Band (British Columbia)
Kintyre School Pipe Band (Scotland)
Knights of Columbus Council 126 Pipes and Drums (New York)
Knoxville Pipes & Drums (Tennessee)
Kootenay Kiltie Pipe Band (British Columbia, Canada)
Kwajalein Pipes & Drums (Marshall Islands)
Kyilindi Pipes & Drums (Illinois)
Lai Fail Pipes and Drums (New Jersey)
Lanarkshire Pipe Band (Scotland)
Laurel Highlanders Pipes & Drums (Pennsylvania)
Leatherneck Pipes & Drums (New Jersey)
Lerwick Royal British Legion Pipe Band (Scotland)
Lincoln Pipes & Drums (Nebraska)
Litchfield Hills Pipe Band (Connecticut)
Loch Norman Pipe Band (North Carolina)
Loch Raven Pipes & Drums (Maryland)
Lochaber Pipe Band (Ohio)
Lone Star Pipe Band (Texas)
Lord Strathcona's Horse (Royal Canadians) Regimental Pipes & Drums (Alberta, Canada)
Los Angeles Police Emerald Society Pipes an Drums (California)
Los Angeles Scots Pipe Band (California)
Los Gatos - Monte Sereno Police Pipes and Drums (California)
Lothian and Borders Police Pipe Band (Scotland)
Louisville Pipe Band (Kentucky)
Lowland Brigade Pipe Band (Netherlands)
Lyon College Pipe Band (Arkansas)
Macalester College Pipe Band (Minnesota)
MacDonald Pope Band of Pittsburgh (Pennsylvania)
MacIntosh Pipe Band (California)
MacKay Bagpipe Band (Pennsylvania)
MacKenzie Highlanders' Pipes & Drums (New York)
MacLeods of Cornwall Pipes & Drums (New York)
MacMillan Pipe Band (Maryland)
Madison Pipes & Drums (Wisconsin)
Maine Saint Andrews Pipes & Drums
Manawatu Scottish Pipe Band (New Zealand)
Manchester Pipe Band (Connecticut)
Manchester Regional Police & Fire Pipes and Drums (Connecticut)
Manly Warringah Pipe Band (Australia)
Maple Ridge Pipe Band (British Columbia, Canada)
Mary Washington College Eagle Pipe Band (Virginia)
Maybole Pipe Band (Scotland)
Melrose Pipe Band (Scotland)
Mercer University Pipes & Drums (Georgia)
Mesa Caledonian Pipe Band (Arizona)
Michael Collins Pipe Band (Colorado)
Middlesex County Police & Fire Pipes & Drums (New Jersey)
Midland Highlanders (Michigan)
Midnight Sun Pipe Band (Yukon, Canada)
Milligan Memorial Pipe Band (Ontario, Canada)
Milngavie Pipe Band (Scotland)
Milwaukee Scottish Pipe Band (Wisconsin)
Minnesota Police Pipe Band
Misty Isle Pipe Band (California)
Monaghan Pipe Band (New York)
Monmouth County Police Pipes & Drums (New Jersey)
Montana Highlanders Pipe Band
Monterey Bay Pipe Band (California)
Mowhawk Valley Frasers Pipe Band (New York)
Mt Arrowsmith Pipe Band (British Columbia, Canada)
Mull and Iona Piping Society (Scotland)
Murray Pipes & Drums of Gothernburg (Sweden)
Muskegon Regional Police Pipes & Drums (Michigan)
Myrtle Beach Regional Pipe Band (South Carolina)
Mystic Highland Pipe Band (Connecticut)
Nashville Pipes & Drums (Tennessee)
Nassau County Firefighter's Pipes & Drums (New York)
New Hampshire School of Scottish Arts Pipe Band
New Haven County Firefighters' Emerald Society (Connecticut)
New Haven Hose Co. Pipe Band (Pennsylvania)
New London Firefighters Pipes & Drums (Connecticut)
New York City Department of Corrections Pipe Band (New York)
New York City Fire Department Emerald Society Pipes & Drums (New York)
New York City Police Department Emerald Society Pipes & Drums (New York)
New York Shields Pipes and Drums
New Zealand Police Pipe Band
Newport News Police Pipe and Drum Corps (Virginia)
Niagara Regional Police (Ontario, Canada)
Nicholson Pipes & Drums (California)
Nittany Highland Pipe Band, State College, Pennsylvania
North Carolina State University Pipes & Drums
North Coast Pipe Band (Ohio)
North Devon Pipes & Drums (England)
North Saskatchewan Regimental Pipes & Drums (Canada)
North Texas Caledonian Pipes and Drums
Northfield Caledonia Pipes & Drums (England)
Northport Pipe & Drum Band (New York)
Northwest Indiana Pipes and Drums (Indiana)
Northwest Junior Pipe Band (Washington)
Northwest Territorial Pipe Band (Canada)
Nunawading Pipe Band (Australia)
Oakleaf Pipes & Drums (Northern Ireland)
Oklahoma Scottish Pipes & Drums
Olympia Highlanders Bagpipe Band (Washington)
Onion Pipers Pipes & Drums (Germany)
Ontario Fire Service Memorial Pipes & Drums (Ontario, Canada)
Oran Mor Pipe Band (New York)
Orange County AOH Pipes & Drums (New York)
Order of the Friendly Sons of the Shillelagh (New Jersey)
Oregon State Defense Force Bagpipe Band
Oslo Caledonian Pipe Band (Norway)
Oslo Caledonian Pipe Band (Norway)
Ozark Highlanders Pipe Band (Arkansas)
Pacific Coast Highlanders (California)
Palm Beach Pipes & Drums (Florida)
Palmetto Pipes and Drums (South Carolina)
Panama City Pipes & Drums (Florida)
Paris and District Pipe Band (France)
Paris-Port Dover Pipe Band (Ontario, Canada)
Peachland Pipe Band (British Columbia, Canada)
Peconic Warpipes & Drums (New York)
Peninsula Pipes and Drums (Washington) 
Philadelphia Emerald Society Pipe Band (Pennsylvania)
Phoenix Scottish Pipe Band (Arizona)
Pipes and Drums at St. Andrew's College (Ontario, Canada)
Pipes and Drums of Basel (Switzerland)
Pipes and Drums of Brunswiek (Germany)
Pipes and Drums of Geneva (Switzerland)
Pipes and Drums of Orak (Indiana)
Pipes and Drums of St. Andrew (West Virginia)
Pipes and Drums of the Chicago Highlanders (Illinois)
Pipes and Drums of the Chicago Police Department (Illinois)
Pipes and Drums of the Cleveland Police (Ohio)
Pipes and Drums of the Delaware Valley (Maryland)
Pipes and Drums of the Edmonton Police Service (Alberta, Canada)
Pipes and Drums of the Jersy Shore Shillelaghs (New Jersey)
Pipes and Drums of the Lucerne Caledonians (Switzerland)
Pipes and Drums of The Police Emerald Society of Westchester County (New York)
Pipes and Drums of the Royal British Legion-Amsterdam Branch (Netherlands)
Pipes and Drums of the1st Royal Engineers (Sweden)
Pipes and Drums of Zurich (Switzerland)
Pittsburgh Firefighters Memorial Pipe Band (Pennsylvania)
Police Pipe & Drum Corps of Florida
Police Pipes & Drums of Morris County (New Jersey)
Police Pipes and Drums of Waterbury (Connecticut)
Port Authority Police Pipes & Drums (New York, New Jersey)
Prince Albert Highlanders Pipes & Drums (Saskatchewan, Canada)
Prince Charles Pipe Band (California)
Prince George's County Police Pipe Band (Maryland)
Professional Firefighters of New Hampshire Pipes & Drums
Quaboag Highlanders Pipes & Drums (Massachusetts)
Queen's University Pipe Band (Ontario, Canada)
Queensland Highlanders (Australia)
Quittapahilla Highlanders (Pennsylvania)
Ramsay Pipe Band (Japan)
Ravara Pipe Band (Northern Ireland)
Red Hackle Pipes & Drums (Ohio)
Regina Police Service Pipes and Drums (Saskatchewan, Canada)
Rhine Area Pipes & Drums (Germany)
Rhode Island Highlanders
Rhode Island Professional Firefighters Pipes and Drums
Ringwood Pipe Band (Australia)
Ringwood Pipe Band (England)
River City Pipe Band (Oregon)
Robert Malcolm Memorial Pipe Band (British Columbia)
Rockland County Police Emerald Society Pipes and Drums (New York)
Roisin Dubh Irish Pipe Band (New York)
Rory O'Moore Pipes & Drums (New Jersey)
Rose and Thistle Pipes and Drums (England)
Rosie O'Gradys Highlanders (Florida)
Roskilde Pipe Band (Denmark)
Royal Burgh of Stirling Pipe Band (Scotland)
Royal Canadian Legion Branch 137 Pipe Band of Campbell River (British Columbia, Canada)
Royal Canadian Legion Branch 23 Pipe Band (Ontario, Canada)
Royal Canadian Legion Branch 28 Pipe Band (Ontario, Canada)
Royal Canadian Legion Branch 46 Pipe and Drum Band (Ontario, Canada)
Royal Canadian Legion Branch 66 Pipe and Drum Band (Ontario, Canada)
Royal Canadian Mounted Police "K" Division Regimental Pipes & Drums (Alberta, Canada)
Royal Canadian Mounted Police Pipes & Drums (Ontario, Canada)
Royal Military College of Canada Band (Ontario, Canada)
Royal Palm Highlanders (Florida)
Royal Scots Dragoon Guards (Scotland)
Royal Scots O'Mocha Pipes & Drums (Ontario, Canada)
Royal Scots Pipes and Drums K.F.Flieden (Germany)
RSA Taieri Pipe Band (New Zealand)
Ruby Mountain Highlanders Pipe Band (Nevada)
Saendistrict Pipes & Drums (Netherlands)
Saffron United Pipe Band (New York)
Saint Andrew's College Pipe Band (North Carolina)
Saint Andrews Legion Pipe Band (Virginia)
Saint Andrews Pipe Band of Brisband (Australia)
Saint Andrews Pipe Band of Detroit (Michigan)
Saint Andrews Pipe Band of Miami (Florida)
Saint Andrews Pipe Band of Rotterdam (Netherlands)
Saint Andrews Pipe Band of Tampa Bay (Florida)
Saint Andrew's Pipe Band of Vermont
Saint Andrews Pipes & Drums of Central Illinois
Saint Andrew's Piping Society (Netherlands)
Saint Andrews Society of the River Plate (Argentina)
Saint Ann's of Hampton Pipes & Drums (New Jersey)
Saint Anthony Pipe Band (Netherlands)
Saint Brendan The Navigator Pipes & Drums (New Jersey)
Saint Columcille School of Piping & Drumming (New Jersey)
Saint John Firefighters Pipe Band (New Brunswick, Canada)
Santa Cruz Pipes &Drums (California)
Santa Rosa Pipes & Drums (Florida)
Sarnia Pipes and Drums (Ontario, Canada)
Scarborough Pipe Band (Ontario, Canada)
Scarborough Red Hackle Pipes & Drums (Ontario, Canada)
Schenectady Pipe Band (New York)
Scotland's Reign (Pennsylvania)
Scots Highland Pipes and Drums (Massachusetts)
Scottish Link Pipe Band (Brazil)
Scottish Power Pipe Band - Scotland
Seaforth Highlanders of Canada Pipes Drums (British Columbia, Canada)
Seaforth Highlanders of Holland Memorial Pipes & Drums (Netherlands)
Seven Pipers Society Pipe Band (Arizona)
Shamrock and Thistle Pipes & Drums (New Jersey)
Shirley Pipe Band (England)
Shree Muktajeevan Pipe Band (England)
Sierra Highlanders (Nevada)
Signal Regiment Vetrans Memorial Pipe Band (Washington)
Silver Thistle Pipes and Drums of Austin (Texas)
Simon Fraser University Pipe Band (British Columbia, Canada)
Siol na h'Eireann Pipe Band (New York)
Sir James McDonald Pipe Band (Oregon)
Somerset County Police Pipes & Drums (New Jersey)
Somme Battlefield Pipe Band (France)
Sons of Scotland Pipe Band (Ottawa, Canada)
South African Irish Regiment Pipe Band (South Africa)
South Alberta Pipes & Drums (Alberta, Canada)
South Park & District Pipes & Drums (New Jersey)
Southern Indiana Pipes and Drums
Southern Oregon Scottish Bagpipe Band
Spirit of Scotland Pipe Band (Arizona)
Springfield Kiltie Band (Massachusetts)
St. Laurence O'Toole Pipe Band (Ireland)
Stewart Tartan Pipes & Drums (California)
Strasser Garde Club (Germany)
Stromness Royal British Legion Pipe Band (Scotland)
Stuart Highlanders (California)
Suffolk County Police Emerald Society Pipe Band (New York)
Sutherland Pipe Band (Massachusetts)
Sutherland Pipes and Drums (England)
Swiss Midland Pipe Band (Switzerland)
Sword of Light Pipe Band (New York)
Syracuse Scottish Pipe Band (New York)
Syria Highlanders Band (Pennsylvania)
Tacoma Scots Pipe Band (Washington)
Tallahassee Pipe Band (Florida)
Tampa Bay Pipes & Drums (Florida)
Tara Pipes & Drums (New York)
Targe of Gordon - The Gordon Highlanders Memorial Drum and Pipe Band (Germany)
Teeswater Highlanders (Ontario, Canada
Tehachapl Mountain Pipes and Drums (California)
Thistle and Heather Pipe Band of Brittany (France)
Thistle Pipe Band (Sweden)
Thomas Davis Pipe Band (Ireland)
Thunder Mountain Pipe Band (Colorado)
Thurso Pipe Band (Scotland)
Tidewater Pipes & Drums (Virginia)
Tokyo Pipe Band (Japan)
Toronto Fire Services Pipes and Drums (Ontario, Canada)
Toronto Police Pipe Band (Ontario, Canada)
Town of Mississippi Mills Pipe Band (Ontario, Canada)
Transit Pride Pipe and Drum Band
Trinity Episcopal Pipes & Drums (New York)
Tualatin Valley Fire & Rescue Pipes and Drums (Oregon)
Tulach Ard Pipe Band (Massachusetts)
Tullylagan Pipe Band (Northern Ireland)
Tunes of Glory Pipes and Drums (Illinois)
Twin Cities Metropolitan Pipe Band (Minnesota)
Ulster Scottish Pipe Band (Pennsylvania)
United States Coast Guard Pipe Band (Florida)
United States Corps of Cadets Pipes and Drums (New York)
United States Naval Academy Pipes and Drums of the Brigade of Midshipmen (Maryland)
United Tartan Pipe Band (Belgium)
University City Pipe Band (Florida)
University of Calgary Pipe Band (Alberta, Canada)
University of California Riverside Pipe Band (California)
University of Iowa Scottish Highlanders (Iowa)
University of Luton Pipe Band (England)
Upper Crossgare Pipe Band (Northern Ireland)
Utah Pipe Band
Uxbridge Legion Branch 170 Pipes and Drums (Ontario, Canada)
Vale of Atholl (Scotland)
Vancouver Police Pipe Band (British Columbia, Canada)
Veterans Memorial Pipe Band (Pennsylvania)
Vienna Pipes (Austria)
Virginia Highlands Pipes and Drums
Wallace Pipe Band (Belgium)
Wallace Pipes and Drums (Zabbar, Malta)
Wantagh American Legion Pipe Band (New York)
Washington D.C. Regional Pipe Band (District of Columbia)
Washington Memorial Pipe Band (Pennsylvania)
Wessex Highlanders (England)
West Virginia Highlander Band of Davis & Elkins College
Western Australia Police Pipe Band (Australia)
Western Pennsylvania Firefighters Memorial Honor Guard
Whangarei Pipe Band (New Zealand)
White Peak Centennial Pipe Band (Utah)
White Pine Pipe & Drum Corps (Michigan)
Wick Girls Pipe Band (Scotland)
Wick Royal Legion Pipe Scotland Pipe Band (Scotland)
Windsor Police Pipe Band (Ontario, Canada)
Winnipeg Police Pipe Band (Manitoba, Canada)
Worcester Fire Brigade Pipes and Drums (Massachusetts)
Worcester Kiltie Band (Massachusetts)
Wyoming Pipe and Drum
Yaarab Shrine Temple Pipes and Drums (Georgia)
Zembo Highlanders (Pennsylvania)

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