Clan Scott Society
Clan Scott Society is devoted to the sharing, advancement, study, and preservation of the culture, values, history, lore, and art of the Scottish Border Family/Clan Scott and its related septs and associated families. This is achieved through:
  • Exhibits of Clan Scott Culture, History, and Arts — Clan Scott Society sponsors Clan Tents (or booths, tables, etc.) at Scottish festivals to advance the general knowledge of the culture, values, history, and art of Scotland and particularly of the Clan Scott.

  • Inspiration — Clan Scott Society seeks to inspire among members and the general public pride in Clan Scott and Scottish ancestry, to honor Clan Scott and Scottish heritage, to preserve and perpetuate those customs, traditions and ethics of their Scottish forefathers promoting the study and sharing of the culture, values, history, and arts of Scotland and Clan Scott through Scottish festivals and cultural events and the Society’s publications.

  • Promotion of the Arts — Clan Scott Society promotes the literature, arts, and music, particularly the traditional Scottish arts as they relate to the Clan Scott and the Scottish Borders region.

  • Advancement of Education — Clan Scott Society provides knowledgeable speakers to schools, colleges, and universities, as well as other charitable organizations, civic groups and service clubs to talk about Clan Scott and Scottish affairs, history, and traditions and how these influence the life and society in which we live.

  • Cultural Exchange — Clan Scott Society strives to foster better cooperation, understanding, and cultural exchange between the North American Continent, the Borders area, and other parts of Scotland which are home to the Clan Scott members and areas of Scottish resettlement.

  • Genealogy — Clan Scott Society seeks to educate and assist its members and the public with genealogical research, particularly as it relates to tracing ancestry of the Clan Scott and Scottish diaspora in the lands of their resettlement and to Scotland.

  • Scholarships and Grants — Clan Scott Society awards scholarships and financial grants to deserving students engaging in the study of the history, culture, literature, music, and fine arts of Scotland.

  • Non-Religious and Non-Political — Clan Scott Society does not promote, support, or engage in discussions of politics or religion, except in their context to the history, traditions and culture of Scotland, the Scottish people, the Scottish diaspora, and the Clan Scott.

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