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An Important Message About Privacy

The Clan Scott Society cares about your privacy.  On your new member information verification form, and on your dues renewal form (or Member Information Verification form) you will find check boxes for you to indicate whether you would like to keep certain information private.

While we do not sell or share our membership list to anyone, we do make it available to the membership, as a means to promote better member-to-member communication, the Clan Scott Society does make membership directories available to its members free in the members-only area of the Clan's web site or in print form (for a nominal fee of $5 to cover production costs and postage).

If you select the option to make your address private, your name will appear in the membership directory but not your address.

If you select the option to make your phone number private
, your home phone number will not be published in the Clan membership directory.  Your home phone number is never distributed outside the Clan.  Your work and fax phone numbers are never published anywhere.  They are used only for official Clan communications when other methods fail.

If you select the option to make your email address private, your email address will not be published in the Clan membership directory or distributed in a directory of online members.  No other information provided to the Clan on your application or elsewhere is ever made public without your consent.  However, it may be used to identify you or help with statistical or genealogical inquiries and analysis.

Membership applications and renewal documents containing member information are confetti shredded before being sent a paper recycling center after relevant information is entered into the member's record and is no longer needed.

Should you have concerns about your privacy, please contact the Membership Secretary or Webmaster.

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