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The 2017 Clan Scott Society Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be held at the Arizona Highland Celtic Festival held in Foxglenn Park, 4200 East Butler Avenue, Flagstaff, Arizona. Clan Scott Host will be Commissioner Eric Wells. The festival website is:  Members should see the Stag & Thistle newsletter for AGM details as they become available.

– Forrest Shields, Chieftain

Sir Walter Scott's Connection to the Da Vinci Code

Abbotsford, the historic home of Sir Walter Scott, has unexpectedly found itself on the Da Vinci Code trail after fans of the blockbuster discovered its library is a remarkable copy of Rosslyn Chapel. 

According to
Jacquie Wright, the administrator at Abbotsford, said yesterday: "We have had a number of people try to make the connection between Sir Walter Scott and the Da Vinci Code.

"It's been a very interesting time for us here at Abbotsford. Obviously we've known all along that the ceiling of the library is a detailed representation of Rosslyn, but it's only been in the run-up to the release of the film that people have started to call us and suggest there is a link."

Needless to say, tourism is expected to be healthy at Abbotsford this summer.

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