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Additional Information for Internet-Connected Members

The Clan Scott Society offers several benefits to members with an Internet connection and an e-mail address.  Please read the information below carefully if you have such capabilities or expect to obtain them in the future.
When you supply your email address, you automatically are added to this list in Regular Mode.  If you prefer, you may request to be changed to Digest Mode.  Digest Mode gathers all the day's messages into one email, adds a table of contents to the top of the combined messages, and sends it to you no more than once a day.  At the present time, the CLAN-SCOTT list is a low-traffic distribution list and it isn't very common to receive more than one message a day even in Regular Mode.  There can be several weeks between messages in some instances.  You cannot change the mode the CLAN-SCOTT list sends messages.  Please send a message to the Membership Secretary requesting the change to Digest mode if you prefer it.
While you can remove yourself from the list, we highly encourage you to stay on the distribution list so you can participate and stay informed.

If you'd like to subscribe or unsubscribe to the SCOTT mailing list, simply send an email message to with the message SUBSCRIBE  or UNSUBSCRIBE - depending on your intent - and nothing else (no signature, enhanced text, or HTML).  Anything on the subject line will do.
To send a message to the SCOTT list for re-distribution to subscribers, address your email to - note that the word "request" is missing from the address.  The "request" address is used to subscribe and unsubscribe from the list.
Alternatively, you can subscribe to the SCOTT list in digest mode.  This list contains the same messages as the regular SCOTT list, but are gather up and sent in one combined message on a daily basis - assuming at least message was sent to the list.  To subscribe or unsubscribe to this list, send a message to with only the word SUBSCRIBE or UNSUBSCRIBE in the message body.   Messages to SCOTT-D list subscribers should be directed to - this insures subscribers to both versions of the list receive your message.
Allow a day for the subscribe or unsubscribe request to take effect.  There are often several messages in the pipeline before yours.  You will receive a welcoming or confirmation message once your request is processed.  If you have any difficulty subscribing/unsubscribing or sending messages to the list, please feel free to contact the List Administrator ( for assistance.
For a complete list and more information about Clan Scott Society sponsored surname lists, visit Clan Scott Society Sponsored Surname Lists.

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